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If you like the Fridge Graph site then please consider making a small one-time donation. This will help us to continue responding to help queries, implementing new feature requests, and moderating the forums site.

In return, we have developed a number of special features that are only available to users who donate to the site. These include:

A diet journal feature, where you can enter a log of your fitness or diet progress on any day, in addition to your weight.

Support for creating multiple weight loss goals so that you can keep a record of old, as well as current, goals.

A feature to export your graph data to a format that you can read in Excel so you can easily get at your weight data.

The ability to remove old challenges from your account.

We'll remove all ads from the site while you are logged into your account.

All of this for only $10 — that's the cost of one movie ticket these days! You make the payment once, and you get the new features forever: no subscriptions or monthly payments to worry about.

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